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Production Management Services

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Production Management ~

Looking for better resources for professional production management?

Does the thought of production, logistics and quality control make you get all sweaty and nervous?

I offer a Production Management Service to allow you focus on what you love and let us handle the details. You can produce your own products worry-free when you hire my production management services.

That means if you want me to manage your production, I manage it on your behalf. I typically use my own factory connections as they are known and trusted. If I need to qualify a factory for you, it will be with your interest in mind to see if I can find the right match for your product for the long term.

I can help you improve your quality, delivery, and costs. 

I currently produce products for fashion, jewelry, confectionary, homewares domestically in Canada as well as off-shore in China, Bangladesh, Thailand and sometimes India. My experience ranges from small custom production of 12 pieces up to 50,000 pieces per style. 

I will explore all your packaging needs to ensure that your products are produced to specification and ready to ship to your customers. 

I do factory specifications to help you find the right factory, negotiate best prices and terms. I advise on inventory management, planning for best inventory to support sales, logistics, customs, and duties. 

I also help with government regulations, duty drawbacks, commercial invoices and quality control, as well as 3rd party testing. My 15 years of serving QVC TV Shopping Channels worldwide has helped hone my skills in what needs to be addressed for your production.

On your behalf, I may engage professionals if need be to ensure that the specifics of the duties or regulatory issues are dealt with properly. It can be very confusing to know what is right, wrong, the best price value proposition or simply whether that box is the right size and test weight.

As these Product Management Services are rather specific, I invite you to book an appointment to discuss your product and scope of work. After our discussion, I will email you a proposal so you can understand what I can do and can't do for you and approximately the costs involved. 

If you feel the need to have an NDA between us first, please request it here and it will be sent to you. Please fill it out and email it back so I may sign it prior to setting up our appointment to discuss your production needs. 

Let me help take care of the overwhelm that can happen as your business grows from your kitchen table to help you scale up your quantities and meet the needs of your growing clientele.

Looking forward to being of service!



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