🍁Seize The Day & Gratitudes & Thanksgiving 🍁

Many of you may already know that my happy place is hanging out in the ethers, with Spirit, creating that which asks to be birthed.

It has been so many years of creating, dreaming, making, sewing and breathing into reality the things that I imagine.


Imagine seeing your creations on the runway, on the streets, on people, enjoying them, in magazines & being so loved exactly as you imagined.

As my dear mother used to say ~ Imagine That ~

It's Thanksgiving, and I am so deeply grateful to ALL of you darling Creatives, for putting yourself out there, for taking risks, for believing that what you imagine may be loved into life.

Imagine that.

So blessed, so much to be grateful for ~ 

May all your days be lifted up with the endless possibilities that await you ~

Love you so much,


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