Got an idea you’d love to take to market?  Don’t know how to scale a product you’ve created?  Want to develop beautiful and aligned on-brand merchandise?

Then you will absolutely LOVE working with Cydney Mar, A.K.A “The Product Genie”, as she takes your vision about what you’d like to create and brings it to life as if by magic! 

What’s so amazing about working with Cydney is she can handle it ALL-  from the idea stage to the final product and launch. She can work with you as a designer, as a developer, a product team leader, marketing, and promotion specialist, and even packaging and distribution consultant!  All you have to do is give her the idea and she will make it happen in record time.  A total pro, expect to have everything handled with great care and attention to detail.  I felt completely supported throughout the whole process of creating a diverse line of products- from fashion and jewelry to personalized products for my clients and business.  

Cydney is an absolute dream to work with, and I am deeply grateful for how she continues to spark my creative side.  I look forward to co-creating again and again with her! 

Karolyn McKinley


I have had the pleasure of working with Cydney at Walmart. 
She is a very positive, creative individual. She has a passion for the fashion industry. 
Cydney understands each business she tackles. 
She creates fashionable, money-making silhouettes to sell in all price ranges. 
Cydney has a strong business acumen, you will soon come to realize, "what she says", "she will execute", and you will see results!  

Sharon Snider, fashion buyer 
Working with Cydney Mar has been a delight.
She pays attention to every detail and leaves no stone unturned.
Her guidance with my line has been incredibly valuable because her sense of taste, style, and beauty is impeccable.

I think I’ll keep her!”
Lorelei Shellist, Runway Runaway


I want to give a special THANK YOU to Cydney Mar.

She truly has been a GOD send for me! Cydney spent time with me refining my vision and one of the Top Goals I have for 2017.

We devised an action plan with a clear path to success. We started with the scope, defined my activities, identified my risks, identified how to gain sponsors, what packaging should look like, staffing, marketing, licensing, testing, and much more.

If you need someone that has real experience in branding, developing and launching a product please reach out to Cydney Mar.

She truly is the BEST!

Dr. Tabatha Carr, Good Girl Chocolates


Working with Cydney is like taking your business and planning to a new dimension. It was such a breath of fresh air working with someone that is such a creative visionary but yet knows the tactical forms of product and service implementation. 

I have worked with strategists before, but her massive amount of expertise and intuitive abilities to help you with an individualized plan far exceeds the cookie cutter approach a lot of strategists subscribe to – or pie in the sky ideas that are unattainable or ill-suited for your vision. 
Not Cydney! 

It’s like stepping into another dimension as she “gets you” where you are at and is able to take your vision, break it down, and give you the practical steps to hit the ground running. 

It was a dream session and I would highly recommend her one on one product development and business strategy services.

Sherry Frey


I had the pleasure of working closely with Cydney during my tenure as a women’s clothing buyer at Walmart.  

Cydney has an incredible eye for fashion and detail.  

Together we developed a fast fashion program where we collaborated on new capsules that delivered every 4-6 weeks. Cydney’s quick action and can do attitude made this possible and a successful business.  

Cydney always came to the table with newness that ensured continued growth of the business and ensuring I was on trend for the consumer.

Cydney’s warm demeanor and willingness to work tirelessly to deliver results would be an asset for anyone looking to work with a kind and professional designer.

Brian Lee, Fashion Buyer


Wanted to give a big heartfelt thank you and shout out to the lovely Cydney from whom I received a 2-hour branding session. What a beautiful gift.

She is gifted at attunement, holds a very skilled space, and we came up with a brand statement that feels warm, yummy, good to my heart and very ME.

Jen Satya Ross


What’s fun about Cydney is that she can easily get into the minds of her many clients.
I have worked with her and collaborated on so many different creative projects over the years; Cydney Mar Fashions, Mass Market Fashion, Tee Shirt programs, Denim and Chef Gear. These were sold in venues ranging from 
Big Box Retailers such as Walmart ( George ), Laura Shops and TV Shopping Channels like QVC and Online Shopping Websites.
She is organized, professional, very creative and wears many hats as she can carry any project from A-Z.
It is always fun to create with her and make something the clients really feel reflects their brand.
Veronique Audet, Designer

Working with Cydney Mar is a pleasure.

She is very professional and organized. Her creations are inspiring and well designed so it was easy to understand and execute.

Michèle Roy, Pad Pattern-Maker


I want to give a special thank you to Cydney Mar. I contacted Cydney Mar since I was establishing a new fashion brand in Tokyo.

I knew nothing about the fashion business when I contacted her.

I was expecting to learn basic knowledge of the fashion business and the know-how & tips from her great career and experience.

Actually, I got much more than that ~

Within 2 months of taking her program, I am now producing a fashion brand on my own.

I want to share the 2 important things that was so much more than I expected

1. Unlike other business consultants, she not only gives the know-how & tips on how to succeed in business, but she also provides practical and general templates/formats for the fashion business that you can use in your business right away.

She will shares the know-how and also the physical tools to get your fashion business running. This is what makes her consulting special and this is why I was able to start my fashion business as a beginner.

2. You will learn what kind of mindset and mentality you need to have to survive in the fashion business.

More than that, you will learn an approach on how to live fabulously from her.

She has such a great personality. And even though she is already established and terrific in business, she never stops learning new things and being curious about how to do it better. I am confident that you will benefit greatly in so many ways that will bring value your fashion business career and your life.

It was an incredible experience and I cannot thank her enough.

Cydney Mar is definitely the best person to contact if you are thinking of entering the fashion business. 

Jumpei Fujimoto, Samurai Cut, Japan


I have a big trust in Cydney, as I met her many years ago in the Fashion Industry. She worked closely with me and my skills improved immeasurably to become a top Marker Grader in the trade. Her knowledge, positive energy, and lovely communication skills make it a pleasure to work with her and to share knowledge on how to make the best decisions for the markers, size & fit of the garments.

She knows how to take an idea from start to finish that is not only beautiful but commercially viable. If you have the pleasure of working with her, you will enjoy her wonderful personality and vast knowledge.

Stanley Pacas, Grad-O-Mark


If you are serious about branding your business Cydney is the branding guru.  Having had some previous experiences with others,  I was a little hesitant at first but for once my expectations were actually surpassed. 

Cydney took the time to really understand my business and my objectives not only did she design a very professional website but she also recommended and developed some additional simple marketing materials which have allowed me to successfully reach out to new clients.
Franc Lopes 
VIP Real Estate Broker