Here are a few of my FAVOURITE Resources for Product Development ~

Design Resources~

If your ideas are all about Fashion, Shoe & Bag Design, then you will LOVE Fashionary, the industry standard. They have fabulous sketchbooks, reference books, and more ~

I use their Fashionary Sketch Books, Fashionpedia as well as their Fashionary Business Manual. I'm a big fan of history as well as sketchbooks so they have my number, lol.

If you love the History behind Fashion and the Culture of Fashion, check out Googles work creating We Wear Culture which is a searchable collection of over 400 curated fashion collections ~ It is insanely satisfying to flip through these beautiful museum curated caliber of fashions.

 Looking for Legal Advice? 

Then you want to connect with my dear friend Lisa Fraley ~ She's a lawyer specializing in online businesses. She has a TON of terrific DIY Templates for things like Website Policies, Privacy Policies as well as great contracts. She can guide you through setting up your company right & as she says, have all your ducks in a row.
** I am an affiliate of Lisa Fraley & may earn some commissions **

Oh! And grab her book Easy Legal Steps for an overview on what you may need to look at to build your business right, legally, while you are it!

My friend Liz Dennery just published a book called Style & Substance

Style & Substance: How to Create a Compelling Brand is available NOW! If you're ready for more brand clarity, more clients, and more money, then this is the book for you: Style & Substance 

If you are working on your Brand Statement ~
I happen to love the one at FIT NYC, it is a solid guideline for you in beginning your draft of your Brand Philosophy... Looks like FIT updated their website, so let me find it or a great reference to replace it with soonest. 

Finance Resources ~

If you are balancing between building your business and concerned about how to manage your finances with an income that is not consistent, then my friend David M Sharp's book " The Thriving Artist " is a fabulous, practical guide to building wealth.

It is about Saving & Investing. He wrote it for performers, artists, stage & film industry peeps, however, I believe there are SO many great gems in it that I think he wrote it for you. 

You can also follow him on his Facebook Page The Thriving Artist where he offers many great tips & tricks to financial stability.



Janette Girod ~ Video Marketing Strategist & Confidence Coach ~

 Janette is driven by 2 questions:

* How can we make this easier?

* How can we bring more of YOU on screen?

Through courses, programs, and personalized coaching, she specializes in removing internal and external barriers so that entrepreneurs can feel just as at home on screen as they do talking to their biz bestie.

She's lived on 3 continents and worked with companies like Disney, Cirque du Soleil, and the BBC.

But her favorite people are the ones who are building a business around their passions.

She drinks copious amounts of matcha in Portland (OR) with her English husband, 2 boisterous kids, and very floofy cats.

If you are interested to learn more if they're interested in learning the technique by Janette Girod.