Janette Girod, Video Marketing Strategist & Confidence Coach

Janette Girod ~ Video Marketing Strategist & Confidence Coach ~


Janette is driven by 2 questions:

* How can we make this easier?

* How can we bring more of YOU on screen?

Through courses, programs, and personalized coaching, she specializes in removing internal and external barriers so that entrepreneurs can feel just as at home on screen as they do talking to their biz bestie.

She's lived on 3 continents and worked with companies like Disney, Cirque du Soleil, and the BBC.

But her favorite people are the ones who are building a business around their passions.

She drinks copious amounts of matcha in Portland (OR) with her English husband, 2 boisterous kids, and very floofy cats.

Interested in learning her technique? http://www.videomoxiemasterclass.com/