About Me

Hey, Fellow Idea-Meister!

I'm Cydney, Product Development Strategist ~

I truly have ideas bubbling up in my brain all-the-time, just like you.

Here are a few key reasons why I might be the perfect person to bring your dreams to life. 

For starters, I have already spent over 36 years in the business of fashion creating everything from my own couture Fashion collections, to high end, mass marketing & my own fashion collections on TV Shopping Channel worldwide. I've designed and sold over 300 million dollars worth of products in my career.

I've had fun creating fashions, jewelry, bath bombs, scented candles, homewares, paper products, car accessories and my own Cydney Mar Wellness high-end Vitamins & Supplements. 

I grew up in a household where both my mother and father encouraged me to be my most creative self.  They never babied me along the way, they wanted me to figure out whatever I created. I was a national level competitive figure skater until 18 years old, standing on the threshold of going international when I was injured in a catastrophic skating accident that almost took my life. My leg was almost severed and my skating career abruptly ended. 

I loved sewing my own skating costumes, designing and making many of the other competitor's outfits as well as carnival costumes.

I could pretty much design and sew anything, with all my girlfriends lining up to have their wedding dresses made, too.

In my recovery, I returned to school and studied at Blanche MacDonalds a private college in Vancouver BC, my hometown. I went on to win awards in NYC in design & merchandising as well as fashion illustration. My teachers were wonderful, I learned so much from each of them and their instruction formed the basis of my illustrious career.

I began my first company in 1980, designing a couture collection that I sold myself as I wanted to understand what women wanted. It was important for me to practice my craft ~ my designs were in silk jacquards, handmade chenilles, and crepe wools. My garments were shipped all over Canada to top retailers in fashion. I was touted as one of Canada's top young designers being featured in National magazines and newspapers.

I went on to work with various well-known manufacturing companies to learn how to design for mass manufacturing. I wanted to create fashions for women for what I called "Everyday fabulous." That’s when QVC came calling, and I launched successfully on QVC selling my Cydney Mar Collection in 8 countries around the world over a period of 15 years.

Five years ago, I suffered a second near-death experience after mono crashed my immune system. Two months in the hospital,  millions of dollars of fashions to still ship and Live TV shows to do, I decided to wind down my studio. In the background, I developed my Cydney Mar Wellness as I had suffered from hair loss after my illness. My Naturopath had created a natural vitamin formula to help me grow my hair back ~ it worked fabulously, and Cydney Mar Wellness was born.

Today, it is my legacy to help people feel their absolute healthiest best and to help them bring their dreams to life.

I know from my own experiences, that first and foremost if we are healthy, we can do anything, be anything and achieve anything. 

If you can dream it, you can do it and I am here to help you achieve your dreams. 

Many blessings,

AKA Your Fairy Godmother