ūüźéDon't Put the Cart Before the Horseūüźé

This week I was working with a client who has an absolutely wonderful idea. He was inspired by a scene in a movie many years ago and based on that created a fabulous Lifestyle Brand. He's been working on it for about 4 years.

It is not launched yet. 

When I asked him what was holding him back, what seemed to be the bug-a-boos in getting it launched, this is what he said, " I was working on the Size & Fit, the presentation, and it took us a long time to get the fit exactly right " 


Well, that to me spoke volumes, it told me he was putting the cart before the horse.

It's hard to get products launched, it takes time and money. And it is even harder when we put the cart before the horse.

I sat down, analyzed what he already had, sorted it into a business plan & program with a multi-prong launch with minimal units ( with the least investment I could figure out to test the fabric types & colors) 

It works out that what he has already can be tested quarterly & scaled into a multi-million dollar business, with the first year doing about 1 million fairly easily. 

Guess what?

He did NOT need to complete the years of fits to plan it into a business.

Futzing around with the fits cost him over 3 years of time.

The time to do the final fits is when you go into production.

Not before. First fits are meant to be " buyer samples", so you can get the product right for the look, feel and to cost it properly. Final fits are for when you have an order or sale or are planning a launch. 

Don't put the cart before the horse, it just doesn't work well, it's inefficient and costly.

Have you been putting the cart before the horse?

Do you have a story about an idea that you've been wanting to bring to life? 

Let me be your sounding board to help you launch those great ideas that the world needs. I'm here to help.

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