ūüí• Fresh New Year, Updating Our GOALS

Happy New Year ~


Dear Idea-Meister

It's that time of year that I always look forward to, the quiet in-between time of Christmas & The New Year when most clients stop looking for me on a daily basis and when I can take the time to reset myself.

I always try to make myself available if need be ( you know who you are! ), as the life of an entrepreneur is never truly in pause mode; things, ideas, and questions do come up.

And time IS of the essence, I know it!

Instead of waiting for the factories to open up on the 4th or the 9th, I cut patterns, cut out samples & sewed them up so that we did not miss a beat.

I also took the time to reflect on 2022, its highlights, its trials & tribulations, its successes & f**lures ( we don't like that word & I refuse to say it, lol )

I met with those of you who needed me, hopped on calls and made numerous inquiries on your behalf. 

I also took the time to let it all process, letting me celebrate milestones achieved for you, for thinking through & discerning other things that I'd rather not do more of, lol ( I know you feel me! ) Sometimes in life, we need to really acknowledge our SUPER POWERS ( Let's ALL do MORE of that! ) and the things we really detest, lol ( Let's ALL do LESS of that! )

I cleaned up my lovely home office, filed, reorganized, I tossed things, shredded sensitive info & set up 2023 for success. I set goals and wrote future memories ( hey, if you don't do these, let me tell you, its a practice worth doing! I find that 95% of what I write happens exactly, on time & perfectly delivered )

I ordered & set up some new bookshelves & literally put my world in order. Ta-Da!!

Tis a thing of beauty if I don't say so myself!

So what did YOU do to tie up 2022 with a bow, to allow yourself to reflect on this past year, tally it all up & what decisions did you make to move the needle forward? 

And did you take the time to celebrate what you did accomplish? 

Whether it was a small accomplishment ( like getting out of bed ) to a BIG accomplishment ( being featured on a world-renowned Radio Show ), please, please, please celebrate yourself. 

That's what matters, as it always takes longer than we *think, so we must celebrate along the way.

Please email me back as I'd love to hear about your year, the things you are MOST proud of, the things you'll intentionally choose to do less of & the things you KNOW are your SUPER POWERS. 

I know you know; sometimes, it is really important to say it out loud :) 

Much love, pride & appreciation for all of you;
you are committed, persistent & precious... the world needs what you are creating; your creations are truly the answer to someone's prayers. 

Never forget that what you create makes all the difference in someone's world.

Many Blessings & much love, 


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