ūüí• Getting your ideas ready??

Hey Idea-Meister


I cannot believe that ALL of a sudden it is NOVEMBER... 

How'd that happen?? 

I have to admit, as organized and as productive as I am ( hey, aren't I the 300 million dollar gal, lol?? ) I've been happily diving in deep, helping a number of you to create your ideas & to bring them to life. 

It's been super fun to disconnect from emailing y'all each week ( no shade ) and really dive into all the sweet details that really make the difference. I've been in & out of factories, at textile mills, researching cool finishes & actually cutting & sewing some samples to work out ideas for clients. 

Sometimes, it really does mean, you have to roll up your sleeves!! That is where the magic happens.

And that's really what we all do, isn't it? 

Plan, order goods, sketch, discuss, re-work as needed & sit down to make sure it is really as we imagined. And sometimes that means going back to the drawing board a few times.

How are you doing? Show me your scribbles, your thoughts, your ideas...

Keep going, dear Idea-Meisters, it's all worth it to create EXACTLY the brand you dreamed of ~ 

So much appreciation, 


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