ūüí• The Handshake between the ProtoType + Production

I've always believed that our samples/ prototypes need to be COMMERCIALLY ACCEPTABLE and be accompanied by good notes on what the revisions or final details required. 

They do not have to be perfect. 

Read that again. 

They do not have to be perfect. 

First samples are so you can "see " what you are trying to make. and they *should reflect as close as possible the assembly methods. And they are decent samples for the factory to follow.

However, sometimes:

  • Exact fabrics are not available¬†
  • Exact machines are not available
  • Exact prints are not available¬†
  • Exact trims are not available

Making your FIRST samples out of the closest fabrics, trims, prints and machines is better and faster. 

A decent Style Master must accompany your samples with Technical INFO.

It can be a full-on tech pack, but it doesn't have to be. 

Tech Packs can be very expensive ( $1500 each is average ) AND are often incorrect, must be updated often, and are often difficult to follow.

The factory needs to look at your sample/ prototype & see if it has the right machinery and production lines & MAY suggest changes to make it faster, less expensive & easier to make. 

They make the FINAL production samples based on their factories AND your prototype. This should be free ( shipping will not be free to you, but the production samples are made against conditional PO's )

These samples will be EXACT to the types of machinery, but might not be in the final prints. 

Getting all caught up in your TECH PACK, the PERFECTION of your sample will cost you time & money. 

After producing over 200 styles per month & 500K units per month on average, we processed products that would meet our client's expectations, at the right price & on-time delivery. 

Cheers & Happy Sunday, dear Idea-Meisters, you CAN do it, with a little grit, determination & knowledge,


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