ūüí•Why Deadlines Work

For 2023, my big thing is to STREAMLINE ~ 

And that means reorganizing files, rebranding, tweaking my websites & streamlining processes.


I want more time to do the things I love, less time doing un-fun things twice over & more time for me.

My year-end is March 31st; it's an excellent time for me to wrap up projects and set new processes & goals. It's a great time to end commitments & start new ones.

One of the things I wanted to do was get rid of an old storage locker I had rented.

This is how I did it by parsing it out into three parts:

A few weeks ago, I popped in and took a bunch of aged archive boxes I knew I could bring to the shredding company & dispose of them.

Last week, I stopped by to collect the random items I had stored there ( things I wanted to sell off, liquidate & to release into the wild, lol ) 

And lastly, this past weekend, I brought home the last of the Corporate Boxes, my previous seven years of files that must be kept to respect the Government's record-keeping requirements.

Last night, I puttered around sorting these papers, consolidating files & making sure all were appropriately named. 

Today I had to access some 2019 files, and hey, guess what? I did not have to drive to the storage location & dig around for the documents. It was perfectly organized here at home. Yeah me!

What a great feeling to start this new fresh week, I felt triumphant!

Often I see entrepreneurs getting overwhelmed & I am here to remind you that it is all doable. Just plan it out, set a deadline & break it down into at least three parts. 

And that's my job to help you bring your ideas to life in a way that respects your time & energy, creates more space for the opportunity & enables you to go from concept to reality.

Here is to your success!

If you've been meaning to grab a call with me to discuss your precious ideas, please do! 

We'll explore your idea, talk about the potential & what your next steps can be to bring it to life. 

Grab a time here & we'll chat!
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