A Father's Wise Advice~

A Father's Wise Advice~⁠

Hey Idea-Meister's ~⁠

There are SO many times that I wish my Father was still alive so I could go to him for advice... BUT I always know the answer.⁠

I think through what my questions are, I think hmm, I wonder what dad would say, and honestly, I already know the answer ~⁠

Trust this person? ⁠
Do this deal? ⁠
Save? ⁠
Get advice?⁠
Run the numbers again? ⁠
Get insurance?⁠
Who do I need to talk to? ⁠
Is this idea good? ⁠

The life of an entrepreneur is ALWAYS fraught with questions & it is important to surround yourself with people you trust, people that have your best interests in mind. ⁠

It is most important to learn to trust yourself, and THAT is what our dads really wanted us to know. ⁠

So in the weeks before Father's Day, I say, let's celebrate our fathers, their wisdom & love. ⁠

Many Blessings, dear ones, Many Blessings,⁠


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