Art, Culture & Creative Ideas for Gift Giving

Need ideas for Holiday Gift Giving?

It's the Holidays & I am ALL excited as my BIG GIFT this year is the excitement around the arrival of Princess Shilo, the newest addition to my wee family.

As many of you know, my sweet Jack, patron Saint of Joy passed away at the end of September, and I have been stalking schnauzer rescues & breeders ever since then. Finally, I found a breeder who offered me to apply for one of the upcoming puppies. 

Princess Shilo's homecoming will be December 22nd, the beginning of Hanukka,she already has Christmas invitations & a line up of "Aunties " at the ready.

It's taken me time, research and preparation for her arrival.

So what do you do when you need to do something and you've run out of ideas & time?

Well, here is my quickie-shopping-list that will help you out in a jiffy ~

A favourite resource of mine as always, for their fabulous sketchbooks, reference books & templates. I KNOW that these will be well received & loved by the aspiring designers in your world.

Art Store Gift Cards ~
There is NEVER enough money handy for an Art Store, so whether or not you have Michael's, Omer des Serres or are simply looking for the best online Art stores, an Art Store Gift Card can never go wrong.

Museum VIP Memberships, Books & Theatre ~
My mother was a fan of ensuring I had a wide range f Art & Culture books, went to the Theatre & attended Art Shows at the Museum. Honestly, that range of references I was able to draw upon as I designed through the three decades cannot be overstated. 

Creativity is fed by exposure to the Arts & Culture, to new ways ( and old ways ) of thinking... of new trends that start as an idea in a writer's mind and expressed in theatre.

Feed your creative soul this Holiday Season ~

Happy Holidays & Happy Gift Giving!!

Cydney, Princess Shilo & Chuk 
Psst, new wardrobe a'coming for Princess Shilo, lol, so if anyone wants to buy me a Gift Card to Fabricville, I would be delighted & put it to good use!

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