As Excited As The Cottonelle Puppy!!

Have you ever been as excited as the Cottonelle Puppy?

You know the one, on the TV Commercials, the excited puppy is careening around the house, sliding into the pile of toilet paper rolls, smashing into everything with a big goofy, happy look on his face??

It was ALWAYS my favorite TV Commercial ~ the expression of joy, freedom, youthfulness, and fun!! And then he plops down, exhausted.

And this is what I so often see in excited entrepreneurs with a new idea!!!!!


It is super fun, it IS exhilarating and it is all doable.

That's one of the reasons why I so love enjoying the excitement, and why I always insist on working out The Action Plan.

Because all that excitement can exhaust you, and creating a new product is a marathon, not a sprint. A proper plan, helps you pace yourself, your project and put everything in order.

It gets you from here to there, with places for all the checks and balances along the way. As my good skating coach and mentor always said " we need to put the accent on the right Syll-A-ble, lol. 

We also want to make sure that you do things in the right order, well-prioritized, so you use your time, money & other resources well along the way.

Have fun careening around, have a nap and then slooooowww down and make an Action Plan.

And that's it for tonight my dearest Idea-meisters!

Big love,


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