Be Sales Driven ~

SO many times, I am having conversations with my budding designers, creators, and Idea-meisters

And they are not only busy creating their ideas, they are busy inventorying their product without a clear idea of how they are going to sell through the product, or how long it will take them to sell through it ~


Let's take a moment ~

I know you want to " see " your product " produced and ready to go out the door to your waiting clients who are going to LOVE what you created.

I know how you feel how much you want to " see " it made and ready to be loved ...

I've been there. I lived it, I survived it.

As my skating coach used to say " Don't put the accent on the wrong syl-aaab-bil.

Let's  take a step back ...

How many units can you sell this month, month 2, month 3 ??

Do you have a very BIG Basement?? 

Can you afford to live while you are selling your ideas? 

These are some of the healthy questions that I will challenge you with... inventory is made to turn into money, that is its sole purpose.

Have a think on that... the business of products is expensive, so I want you to be super wily about what you can do, what you can do to create the right environment for clients loving & buying your precious ideas...

Inventory with a Planned sell though = Money Happiness

I love you all BUNCHES 

AKA #productgenie 


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