Bootstrapping it??

Welcome to The. Chick. Pea.Life.

I remember when a friend of mine was counselling me on how to stretch my grocery dollars so I could stay healthy & spend as little as possible, while I was building my newest idea.

I wanted to live as stress-free as possible, BUT I had LOFTY. DREAMS. 

I LOVE dreaming BIG, and I LOVE dreaming BIG for you all, whether or not you have to mind your budget. In fact, I prefer minding your budget. 

The world of product creation is waaaay more expensive than you can imagine, there are SO MANY THINGS TO SPEND MONEY ON. 

Like. Holy. Cow. 

So I feel ya. I feel your pain. And that's why I always start with an action plan, a general idea of what you've got to expend and we plan, plan & plan... to the very best of our ability.

It is an imperfect science. 

As MUCH as I know ( hey 45 years in the trade, gets you a TON of cred, BUT you all keep thinking up ideas that have not been made before so it is a little like renovating, you don't *quite know what's behind that wall. )

So that brings me back to The. Chick. Pea.Life. 

Take the time to set yourself a decent budget, review it, trim it, and live The. Chick. Pea. Life. There is a lot of nutrition in chickpeas, you don't always have to eat steak, save that for celebrations and to give yourself a break. 

You can do it, believe in yourself, believe in getting to your destination in a healthier, happier way. 

You'll thank me, and I'll know that I guided you as best I can on all levels. 

Keep creating & tighten your belts in way that works for you!

Many Blessings,


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