Box Planks, Endurance & Longevity ~

Last Spring one of my good friends talked to me about the Sit-Stand Test that is an indicator of one's longevity...

A harder version of this is the " Sit on the Floor + Get up without using your hands ".

There are studies done on these tests that show that they are true indicator or survival & the length of one's lifespan.

And so I plopped on the floor and stood up ( without using my hands ) and said like this? She was shocked I could do it. And so I added it as an exercise at the end of my workouts...

I attribute my ability to " get up " on my box planks ( I do 20 of them!! ) as well as my determination & consistency in showing up ( yah, some days are better than others, right? ) 

That got me to thinking as I have tested some of my gym friends, and said, hey, if you broke your arm, could you get up from the floor?

And I thought about how things happen not only in life but in business, sometimes things break, sometimes there are team & staff changes, sometimes shipments are delayed, sometimes things simply don't go the way that you planned. 

Our ability to survive these so-called setbacks really do have a direct affect on our longevity in both life & business.

I know for sure that my ability to " get up " is my key to longevity in both life & business. 

And that is why I would like to invite you to join us at my friend Amber Aziza's Make Your Worth Summit as she is an amazing entrepreneur who has already sold 2 multimillion-dollar businesses and survived both life & business challenges. 

She has assembled over 20 top-notch speakers for the Make Your Worth Summit and I am honored to be one of them. 

It's free, there are tons of terrific goodies that each of the speakers is offering to the listeners, so please take advantage of superb Make Your Worth Summit, and fortify your ability to get up & increase your life & business longevity.

It starts on September 1st, so sign up now and join us!!

PS If you want to join me in the gym, let's do it!!  We can talk about core business ideas & improve your core at the same time!


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