From TO-DO to TA-DA!!

Hey, Darling Idea-Meister's!

2022 has been incredible so far this year, and now that we are in the second quarter, I am coming up for air.

When I thought about what I wanted 2022 to be & thought about how I'd accomplish my goals, I realized that my Beloved TO-DO List needed to become the Celebrated TA-DA List!

My TO-DO list has always been by my side, like a bit of a cozy security blanket, something that I could hang on to. I realized I needed to attach deadlines & make sure it was prioritized just the way, I set up everyone's Action Plan. Ha, I had to take my own advice.

And in doing so, I really put my blinders on and FOCUSSED. I took that list & SCHEDULED everything on that list in blocks of time. I scheduled the 1st quarter to within an inch of its life ( even my personal time to make sure I slept, ate, took care of my pets & loved ones ) 


  • Business Plans ( yup, those BIG gnarly "auditable " ones ) 
  • Interviewed & hired new Team Members
  • Finalized some pretty big Proposals
  • Worked hard with a number of my clients ( here's looking at you! ) to make sure we were on track to meet deadlines. 
Being that focussed & scheduled meant I was easily able to say NO to all those lovely bright & shiny objects that often distracted me & got me off course.

I know you know EXACTLY what I am talking about, as ALL of us are guilty of buying new programs, and systems, watching freebie webinars to learn about something that maybe we aren't going to use anyway, lol. For me, the cost of getting distracted would have used valuable resources time & money; I did not want to disappoint myself.

It meant I had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

Blocking off enough time for everything on that TO-DO for each client, and making sure I had enough blocks of time for each task, and some time for me is a super worthwhile exercise. 

I can feel confident that I'm only doing things that have to be done.

How many of you have been busy doing things that you realize UFF!! I did not need to do THAT, sheesh! I think taking the time to map it all out in 3-month chunks really allows me to be more discerning about what really needed to go on that list & did not.

It's the Easter Weekend & Passover too, so I will be taking some me-time AND thinking through what I'll schedule for these next 3 months. 

I hope you'll do the same, so we can all go from our big TO-DO Lists to TA-DA!!

Enjoy your weekend,

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