Gee, I wish I had thought of that! 

Hey Idea-Meister!

🤔 Today I was thinking about everything I wished I had designed or created...

Like the Q-Tip, not a Q-Tip copy, the real deal Q-Tip ...

I mean, think of ALL the homes that the Q-Tip is in, the places of business, like make-up counters, arts & crafts, baby care & more...
Gee, I wish I had thought of that! 

What a terrific problem solver ( even if many of us put them in our ears when we are not supposed to, AND yes, one of my ex-husbands ended up in ER with a cotton swab stuck in his ear and no, it was not Q-Tips, it was a version of, I even recall it had a pink stick ) I read up on some even weirder Q-Tip stories on Washington Post.

And then, I was browsing around looking at Ruggable ~ 

I LOVE their RUGS, and I have been stalking them for the past few years, as their product line solves my problem.
I love carpets ( and unfortunately, have thrown out and or sold them & generally feel that I can never get them clean enough ( I love my pets! ); I detest sending them to the Persian Carpet guy ( sheesh, what a big trouble to organize the guy to come to get them & take them away, do the work, and a few weeks later, deliver them, reorganize the furniture & blah, blah, blah ) its a real pain in my tuckus, a personal pet peeve, so to speak.

And then comes Ruggable
( 😇 I hear the Angels singing sweetly ).
Their concept was to create a RUG that had a BASE & to remove the TOP of the RUG & toss it in the wash. OH-MY-GAWD. 

And now, as I am picky about pattern & design, I've been waiting for them to, shall we say, elevate their design options & maybe make them thicker and plushier ( I was always a fan of thick, luxurious carpets ) 

Today, they've created not only FABULOUS carpets for the kitchen, the living room, the front hallway & fun doormats, but they also have designer collections, a museum collection, an Iris Apfel Collection, Jonathan Adler, but also luxurious medium pile rugs. 

For me, now, it is a matter of figuring out WHAT to buy, lol ~

I want to replace my front entranceway runner, choose a perfect living room, a dressing room carpet & a dining room carpet, ha.
Talk about multi-pack!! 

And this is what we want; we want to create products that solve problems and excite people SO much that they literally salivate over them ( like me going over the Ruggable rugs ).

So what problem are YOU trying to solve today?

Is it a single one-off item like the Q-Tip, or is it a collection product line like Ruggable? 

I personally have a few items up my sleeves ~
( Bird-problem-solving things AND a HUGE new fashion brand I want to create to reflect my multi-cultural heritage )

What say you?

Please do tell 😃

Happy Friyay, dearest Idea-Meisters!!

May the ideas ALWAYS be with you, 

AKA Your Fairy God-Mum of Idea Creation

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