How to finish what you started...

I've been thinking about the fact that it's my father's birthday tomorrow ~ he was a great man, certainly accomplished & who held me to high standards. He was also practical, focused, and realistic. 

That meant, he encouraged me to get to bed at a decent hour, to eat right & make sure my skates were packed the night before. My life was scheduled in 15-minute increments from 4:30 am each morning till bedtime.

Somehow, it all flowed seamlessly & I never felt rushed, late, panicked nor overwhelmed. There was time for everything, from having fun with friends to doing my homework to getting out in the fresh air to play.

Many people ask me how I accomplish so much... and I think it boils down to pacing myself, creating pockets of time for all the things that are important to me & letting go of the rest.

It is now 40 working days to the end of the year, and I for one want to finish strong. For me, that means I'll reevaluate what is MOST important, prioritize, and plan. 

I also plan in essential me time, to go to the gym, spa night, and all the things that make my life warm, cozy & happy.

It means I never feel like I am getting the short end of the stick, and I can show up fully for myself, my pets, my friends & families and yes, you, my clients. 

So what is on the horizon for you to accomplish between now & the end of the year?

Whether it is completing current projects on hand, re-starting loved projects that had been set aside or working on a new idea that you want to birth in 2022, just do it. 

Let's celebrate all that you've accomplished so far this year and celebrate all that you desire to achieve in 2021. 

I know you can do it, I see your incredible creativity & perseverance. 

Your Fairy God-Mum, 


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