It's all about creature comforts right now ~

Happy Holiday Weekend, Loved Creatives,

I hope that you are at home & staying safe this holiday weekend.

As we hunker down, it seems that more & more we are looking for, reaching for and appreciating more all the small creature comforts that warm our hearts right now.

I'm busy in my kitchen cooking for my puppy, Princess Shilo, making thick hearty soups for myself that come from recipes my Grandfather used to make at home and reaching for the coziest PJ type of clothes that make me feel safe.

I'm sketching ideas because that makes me happy, thinking about beautiful things the world might need now. It's helping me think about how I want to feel & hopefully, others will too. In this thing many are calling The Great Pause, we get to ponder what we want in our lives, how we'd like to feel. 

What are the creature comforts you are reaching for today? 

Whatever you are doing, stay safe, enjoy the best you can & hopefully video conference with your families & celebrate life.

Many Blessings & Stay Safe,

PS The photo I've attached is a photo of comfort foods for me, it is a can of salmon caught & canned by my cousin Juanita, in front of a photo of my Grandmother Mabel Angus. 

I've been searching for my Angus family roots as it has been the hidden part of the family, as we are Thompson River Salish First Nations from BC. I have found them now & I am home.

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