It's the May 24th, Victoria Day Weekend ~

Ideas worth developing

It's the May 24th, Victoria Day Weekend ~


Hey Idea-Meisters!

It's the Victoria Day Long Weekend here in Montreal & we've ALL been waiting & waiting to get our flowers planted for the season.

Our winters can be harsh here & it is as if the ground has all this pent-up energy to burst forth, leaves on trees seem to grow before our eyes, the grass is growing, and we wait until this weekend to plant as the risk of ground frost is over.

I always love getting my flower pots going, and edibles mini containers of pansies, herbs like basil, sage, mint & chives. This year, I added sweet 1/2 moon wrought iron baskets to the outside of my balcony so that I could have cheerful coral begonias & trailing greenery like the lovely yellowy-green  Lysimachia. 

Earlier this week, I was speaking to a friend of mine & we talked about why we do what we do. And it always circles back to having ideas that we feel are so exciting to develop, serve a purpose AND we are able to create a life that is full for ourselves, our families & our friends. 

Never forget that we do what we do for our loved ones, and don't ever feel guilty taking the time for them. After all, it is the reason we do what we do 💞

Happy Victoria Day Weekend! I'll be out puttering with my flowers with Princess Shilo on the balcony with me, perhaps having a glass of wine admiring my handiwork, lol. 

Enjoy YOUR weekend!


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