I've become an enabler ~

I woke up this morning, stretched, feeling happy and then thought ~

“ I’ve become an enabler “

At first, I panicked, I thought oh-my-goodness, what have I done?

I got up and as I walked with Jack around the neighborhood at 6 am, the streets quiet, I reflected on my guiltiness.

I had appointments, so I put the thought aside and promised myself I’d return to it later.

Later in the afternoon, I thought about the progress that many of you have made on your products, from getting the ideas fixed up, thought through, sampled and more…

I’ve been watching from the wings as I see you taking center stage doing presentations, receiving your production, and seeing you sell it out…

When I suggest “ would you like some help with that? “ 

I’m getting “ no, I can do it myself now “ … 

and THAT’s when I realized I’ve become an ENABLER. 


I started to laugh at myself, knowing that THIS is what I have wanted for each and every one of you, to learn, be guided to launch as safely as possible and to fly.


I’m going to take that as a compliment, and go get all nostalgic in my wine tonight, lol.🍷


So much love to you all, where ever you are in your journey from the binderizing stage, the sketching stage, the sampling or launch stage. 

No matter where you are at, you know that you can always depend on me to fiercely help you bring your ideas to life.

I am SO proud of you and I look forward to helping you along the way and I’ll celebrate with you for the day that will inevitably come, when you don’t need me anymore, lol.


Big hugs, much encouragement, may all your dreams come true, 



AKA The Den Mom, Tiger Mom & Fairy God-Mom 

You know where to find me if you need me www.cydneymar.com

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