Labor Day & Planning for finishing strong in 2021 ~

Happy Labour Day Weekend!! 

I love taking the time to switch out my clothes, start pulling out boots, scarves & sweaters ~

And at the same time, I'm thinking about what I want to accomplish this Fall. What can I do for a strong 2021 finish? And what do I need to do to prepare for an incredible 2022?

The Fall is always busy, from back to school, all the special prep that comes to returning to schools and businesses especially in this pandemic. There is Thanksgiving, The High Holidays, Roshanna, Yom Kippur, Columbus Day, Halloween, Hanukkah & Christmas... It's a busy time!!

2021 has been pretty decent for me as an entrepreneur, I have to say, but as I reflect back, I know there are some key elements that I'd like to put in place between now & the end of the year that will make the difference between a "meh " finish to 2021 & a " FABULOUS " 2021.

Everything I do today is going to lay the groundwork for an incredible 2022. I'd like it to be incredible. 

The past 18 months have taken their pound of flesh from all of us, and I for one, want to be able to skate into an inviting, incredible 2022.

How about you? 

Email me back with your ideas & I'll share all the ideas, tips & great ideas in my next email for everyone!

As I put away my summer dresses, flip flops & I'm going to be creating a list of all the key things that I'll be tackling to ensure that meh becomes fabulous & beyond ~

As my skating coach used to say " what you are today, you did yesterday "therefore "it is true that what you do today, will affect your tomorrow ".

What will you be pondering during your Labour Day Weekend? 

Happy Labour Day Weekend!! 

PS Going to get some lovely Chrysanthemums too!!

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