Let's All Be Like Chuk

I have been thinking a lot about Chuk ~ My Blue Bird of Happiness, and how he continues to command attention.

He is precocious, he gets right into the middle of everything, and he is super focused on what he wants to get his “ hands’ on and he keeps trying.

Even when I wave him away, he flys away, and then he flys back.

I wave him away, he flys back.

In fact, Saturday night I went to a dinner party out on Allen Point, to a lovely delightful friends place that is an enclave hidden away, with a perfect unobstructed waterfront view.

Chuk showed up.

At least, he showed up figuratively…

We were talking politics, business, family and all the complications that arise in those areas of life. Some stuff that was less fun ~

And then, someone brought up Chuk, and how fun he was …we started to talk about Chuk.

Some funny stories about him,  charming, amusing, engaging and captivating. We had fun, we laughed,  we all had a story about him, and we enjoyed.

How’d my wee 36 gram budgie do that?

How did he manage to get “ into” the conversation, miles & miles away, and command all that attention?

Chuk is a confident bird. He commands attention.

He doesn’t second-guess himself.

He stays on point, he is focussed.

He is persistent, he is consistent.

He doesn’t wait for an invitation to join in the conversation.

He just shows up, with confidence, his entire being says “ I am, I will “

Let’s all be like Chuk.

Cydney with the Omnipresent Chuk & of course, Jack.

Psst Right now he is saying " I love you " playing in his playground, happily chatting to everyone and anyone who will listen to him 💖

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