Life Lessons, Mentorship, Interns & Legacy Years

You know when you say “ gee what would you say to your 18-year-old self?"


Well, I had that exact opportunity, funnily enough, this whole Summer, as I had an 18-year-old intern who pestered me to work with me earlier this Spring.


The first 2 weeks were as always somewhat disconcerting, out-of-sync getting used to each other, her probably feeling too young and me definitely feeling too old.


We had hugely fun conversations about life, love, and happiness.


We laughed our heads off at her first sketches, first templates, first line-ups…


We talked endlessly about business, design, creativity, finding your voice, visions, spirit & boys, lol.


I got her sorted in drinking enough lemon water every day and keeping on schedule for lunch & deliveries. Understanding efficiencies, critical thinking and how to pace herself.


Life is truly Universal, I was an 18 yearly a long time ago and as I step into my legacy years as a 60-year-old,  I had the honor of passing the baton to a lovely young woman who understands herself well enough to know that she appreciates flaws.


I am completely indebted to Caroline’s arrival on my proverbial doorstep to helping me wind up my first 60 years and helping her get sorted for her last year in design school.


I'm so proud of her and I’m so proud of me…


We all have so much to celebrate and I’d like to take a moment and ask you to join me in celebrating just one thing in your life, as we often miss those moments of celebration.


May we all be so lucky on our pathways, to recognize our greatness wherever we are on our journeys.


Many blessings my Loved Ones, today, I celebrate you!!




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