Life & Love in the times of CV

It's Life & Love in the time of CV ~

It's Friday evening & I am a wee bit tipsy ( not going to lie ) I just came in from walking my precious Princess Shilo ~

We kept the 6-foot distance & respected others' need for safe space. I picked her up to " wave " at children out with their parents ... we all smiled at each other & kept going.

Today, I participated as an Expert Advisor to StartUp Canada on their StartUpChats over on Twitter. SO fun! As an entrepreneur, I love sharing knowledge & connecting with other entrepreneurs. 

I posted some funny memes & my own goofy exercise video's with Princess Shilo barging in ( Hey, it's HER house, isn't it? )

Shilo has a " bad haircut around her toes & eyes " lol now, and at least 2 toes on each foot has her nails trimmed (
could not do all of them, that's for next time ) 

I had to change my Lulu Lemon sweats as they were full of hair from trying to trim her toe hair, haha. 

My Fridge is full, but last Thursday is the LAST time I will physically go to the grocery store for a long time. I set up online shopping at the grocery store, the pharmacy, the liquor store & the office supply store.

Now I only go out to walk Princess Shilo and drop off goods to ship at the Post Office. Everything else will be delivered. Here in Canada, we can look forward to April 13th to potentially re-open, if not we will be advised as to "when" might be safe.

How are you doing in this time of " sheltering in place "? 

All I know is this: 

Love yourself, your loved ones & love each other from afar. 

I also arranged for a dear friend to take care of Shilo & Chuk G'forbid I should fall ill. 

I arranged for the building to give her access to my home, to connect her to my next of kin & to write up notes on how to care for Shilo & Chuk.

It's the best I can do considering the circumstances.

Now that I've taken care of my own, I will work on what I can do for the community. Do they need more drivers? I have a group that is a community service group and I will check in to see what's needed most. I'll keep you posted.

How are you all doing? 

I think the hardest thing is learning NEW habits ASAP. 

I used to think gee if I could ONLY get people to TAKE their VITAMINS, my life would be sorted. Oh, dear Spirits above, please help me be the Benevolent One who offers support & assistant in times of need. 

I read up on articles about what's next ~ EVERYONE is calling for 4th Q to be HUGELY robust. 

What does that mean to you? 

It means, make your samples, do your costings, warm-up YOUR audiences ... Be Ready for Life to begin again, it feels lie a delayed Spring, when flowers are BURSTING through the earth... 

The WORLD needs your ideas, your offerings & your wonderful personal touch.

Be the light & inspiration,

Many Blessings & Stay safe ~


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