March is MENTORING Month!!

It's been a wild ride these days, this month, this year ~

And as I pop into my role as an expert over at Startup Canada on their weekly Startup Canada Tweet Chats each Wednesday over on Twitter, talking about all things business, from the need to go digital, what favourite apps & tools are we using, to what it's like being mentored & how do we find the right mentor for us??

Startup Canada created a WONDERFUL event over at Mentorly for those of us on the expert's team to offer our time to those who may need it for the entire month of March.

I'm there with about 60 other FABULOUS female mentors
( gosh I was SO excited to rad their profiles & to connect with them on LinkedIn!! ) Phew!! SO many interesting gals, from ALL different avenues, from accounting to business to products ( hey that's me! ) 

Mentorly has a super cool platform for messages, how to let the mentees book time & an online platform for video conferencing. Who knew??

Want some mentoring in specific subjects? different areas? It is ALL free, easy to book & so much fun!! 

Please take a moment to look at ALL of these fabulous Mentor's awaiting you to book them so they can answer your burning questions.

Many Blessings & SO much love & inspiration ~

Cydney, Shilo & Chuk

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