Meeting People " Where they are "


Hey Idea-Meisters!!

As I sit & listen to so many entrepreneurs excitedly tell me about their ideas, I always ask them questions about what situations they envision their customers using & incorporating their products into their lives.

We are often asked to think of products to " solve " a problem. 
And we think, and think, and think... A light bulb finally goes off & we do the hallelujahs!! 

We have a problem, we have a solution, we HAVE a PRODUCT IDEA!!

Hold your horses, Idea-Meisters, hold your horses...

Let's play the envisioning game, let's envision the various situations in which they will use it, will it be daily, once in a while, and does it match their lifestyle? 

Do they even know they have a problem that needs to be solved? If not, how do we let them know there MIGHT be a problem to resolve? How do we mitigate the product development risk along the way? 

As many of you know, I love Gretta Van Riel's super smart approach to building a warm audience WHILE you are creating & developing your product ( and goodness knows, it takes time! ) 

Building an audience, engaging with them, sharing what you are developing & tweaking your product ideas along the way so it is a super easy "shoe-in ". It will help you mitigate your risks :) 

Meet your customers where they are by engaging with them, having conversations & finding out what they Like-Love & Hate. Tweak your ideas, yet stay true to who you are & what you are meant to do. It will help you broaden your view on what they love, what they need & how they need it in their life. 

I believe in you & your ideas! 


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