Missed Opportunities & the Cost of Regret

I've been thinking a lot about missed opportunities & the cost of regret lately as I was reflecting back on this past 16 months of the pandemic, the incredible sales that have been made by those who pivoted & embraced uncertainty...

NONE of us could have predicted we'd mostly be in lockdown, NONE of us could have predicted that online sales would increase from 598 BILLION dollars 44% over the last year to just under 900 Billion.

It made me think about the time I asked my clients in the UK if they wanted to re-introduce LEGGINGS. I mean hey, weren't they on the cutting edge of fashion who spawned Mary Quant, Vivian Westwood & Alexander McQueen? 

My buyers literally pulled away ( Cue "Ohooooooo-Nooooooooo" ) AND if I hadn't sweetly, firmly pushed my point that IT WAS TIME to make LEGGINGS the newest MUST-HAVE... It would have been a MASSIVE Missed Opportunity.

I see clients arriving on my doorstep with ideas that won't let them sleep at night, but are not taking actionable steps to move their ideas forward. They often arrive on my doorstep, about 4 years later, a bit discouraged & some wonder why they see OTHER people already producing the idea they thought was so terrific ...

I've also seen reasons why I want to bring all my dreams to life... 

Life is too darn short, we DON'T know when our time will be up, but we sure do know when an idea comes to us that wants to be birthed. Don't let your ideas die within you.

Is it time to have a chat with me to see if YOUR idea's time is now? 

I'd love to hear from you and to help you bring your ideas to life, we can start at the beginning to make sure it's a feasible idea & what are the steps to make sure it is developed & launched successfully. Click here to Book a call to chat.

You can do it! I believe in you :)

Many Blessings,

Don't forget to grab your copy of my Product Development Roadmap if you haven't already.

It is full of the very steps that I take when I have an idea & I want to develop it into a saleable, scalable idea. 

Who wants to miss out on an idea like leggings? 

I ended up selling MILLIONS... True story.

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