My Journey Home

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish in this time of my life ( hey, I'm 63 ! ) 

It's our Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada & I'm deeply grateful for so much, for deep friendships, connections, great opportunities to express my creativity & to make an excellent living at it. 

I have been busy winterizing my home, as I live in Montreal, where we must check for cold drafts and seal up any areas that might make it chilly. Cozy is more of what I am looking for this Winter! I love creating cozy nooks and vignettes that speak to the stories of my life, connecting the past to the present. I am content.

I also love being involved in my Nlaka'pamux community, attending Storytelling Gatherings, listening to the Elders, learning to practice my self-introductions in Nlaka'pamux. The Elders patiently listen & chuckle. I am Thompson River Salish, an Nlaka'pamux speaking peoples.

And now, I've realized ( and gently prodded by my favourite mentee, lol ) that I would like to develop an apparel & accessory collection around my Aboriginal heritage. There is an upcoming Indigenous Fashion Week which I'd like to participate in ( either this or the next as I am ready! ) which will help me craft the storyline of my journey home. Showpieces that establish the brand ID, expressing how I feel about my Indigenous roots in garments, in the choices of material, the details, the craftsmanship. 

It is a full-circle moment for me, a profound raison d'être.

As I work on "My Journey Home " journal, which will be full of sketches, tear sheets, memories, swatches & ideas, I am secretly excited about the foundation of this idea.

And to create more space for my passions, I will be streamlining my websites to rebrand cohesively to make more space for this passion of mine. 

Ideas & Creation are like Conception & Birth they take time & space & care. 

I'm carving out time & space for my passions. 

Are you doing the same?

Much love to you, deep gratitude & appreciation, 


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