Navigating the Entrepreneurs Journey

Sometimes when I think about the challenges we have as creative entrepreneurs, I think about the hours & hours of skating practice we put in for the competitions ~ 6 days a week, 8 hours of training a day. Studying to keep up with school, eating the right things, making sure we were rested & hydrated.

It was a full-time job.

We had schooling, friends, family & chores ( I wanted my allowance so I could go to the movies with my friends, too! ) 

It's not a lot different for us as entrepreneurs either.

There was a lot of planning, scheduling, commitment and sacrifice.

I'm sure that my parents had to budget very carefully to make sure that I could have the skating lessons I needed and the custom-made Knebli boots and carefully chosen MK Skating Blades. 

I'm sure they had to make conscious decisions about what they bought ( or didn't ) so they could pay for the skates, the lessons, the costumes & the travel ...

I was recently in NYC attending an Ice Theatre of New York Gala Event at Chelsea Piers to celebrate my dear friend Kenny Moir ( my dear friend since we were 6-year-olds, a  BC Hall of Fame inductee, a cancer survivor, skating in Canadian Nationals thereafter, and skater of the famous viral Worst Skater Video  alongside Kristi Yamaguchi ( Olympian ) & Stephanie Grosscup ( appearing on David Letterman's Show )

It was a very expensive event that Ice Theatre of New York
put on ~ They had Scott Hamilton as MC and so many skating greats were in attendance. Tables were $10,000 and $5,000 each. I was blessed to be invited by Glenda Dorchak, Kenny's well-known sister as she knew he wanted me to be there ( lucky me! ) 

More than anything, it made me reflect on what we do today to bring our ideas to life, the intentional choices, the sacrifices, the " showing up " even when we don't feel like it. Doing it " again " when we fall down and our dreams tell us to get up and keep going.

It  brought tears to my eyes to think of what a special breed of peeps we are and how proud I was of all of them and how proud I am of all of you ~ 

If you fall, get up ~

If you win, be gracious ~

If you need help, ask ~

And celebrate yourselves each and every day, as we are put here on Earth to create, to build, to make life so amazingly more interesting and beautiful than before...

Sending you all love and encouragement, as you are truly one of a kinds!!

Many blessings,


I also had a chance to catch up with my dear friend David M. Sharp ~ An incredibly interesting friend, an amazing modern dancer, finance genius who loves to teach about how to manage your finances as a creative ~ 
His advice on how to manage your finances while funds are inconsistent is absolutely brilliant! 
Here is the link to his Best Selling Book  The Thriving Artist
and a link to one of his articles at Money Inc.
A wonderful book for those of us with incomes that go up & down, and a terrific way to navigate those times & prosper.

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