Oh! The things I wished I knew ~

You know those times when you see a Facebook posting that says " what would you have told your 21-year-old self? "

Oh! Gosh, when I look back and see ALL the pure joyful enthusiasm, I only want to be the cheerleader, The Encouraging One, the one that sees the UNIQUENESS. 

I want to see dreams brought to life. I want to see the Divine Gifts that we were given, be brought to fruition. On my part, I don't want to arrive at the Pearly Gates and have to say, um, no, I failed at my mission. That I can't do.

When I started in 1980, my first company, I had a small amount of money that I used to make my samples, and I went out and I sold from that set. I came home from a road trip with ORDERS in hand and went to the BANK at 21 years old and negotiated a line of credit based on the SALES.

When I look back, I love my sense of purpose, my sense of Can-Do, my naivete. My naivete tops it all, I just went out and did it.

In later years, as my business & businesses grew, I became "used to " handling multi-millions of dollars worth of goods and they were worth negotiating at the Bank.

Today, I believe there is an energetic " Cost Of Money " that we all need to be cognizant of... I love planning for sellouts, for turning inventory into sales, into money so you can re-invest, and work with profits in mind. 

Keep your money close to your chest, the cost of entering into the business of products is expensive. You'll need every single penny, and you need to plan for SO many things that you may not have thought of, and you will make some mistakes.

Too many times, I hear people talking about needing to get investors, to get a loan, to go on Shark Tank. 

Honestly, what you need is SALES, start small, sell out, rinse and repeat. SALES and traction is what will interest an Angel Investor, whom you may not even need if you are making & selling & turning your inventories into money. 

Take the time to reflect, to plan out your projects well and make sure that you keep the JOY of creation, to help you create fabulous SALES as so many people want what you have to offer.

That's fun, that is where the magic happens in product creation.

Happy creating lovely Idea Meisters, 
I love you all bunches,


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