Pockets of Time

I was having this wonderful chat online with another Idea-Meister the other day & we chatted about how important it was to find those precious "pockets of time " in your schedule for you, your projects & all the areas of your life!

I have always believed in scheduling myself with daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly projects mapped out so that I can achieve my goals.

I also have always believed in scheduling playtime, self-care & a block of time I set aside to " just think ". 

My scheduler for appointments is connected to my Google Calendar & I make sure it's all set up on my own calendar, so that I can enjoy pacing myself, not getting overbooked & have those precious " pockets of time " set aside for my own projects.

It can take some juggling, but gosh, you will be SO happy if you take the time to re-organize your calendar so that you are happy, your family & loved ones are happy and there is still time for your precious ideas.

Otherwise, I find time can slip away, and all of a sudden another month, quarter or year has passed by ~ and then your idea will be that missed opportunity.

What do you do to find pockets of time? 

What areas of your life could you tidy up a bit neater so you can find those spaces?

Let's all commit to creating more space for our ideas & bringing them to life!

I updated The Product Development ROADMAP a few months ago.

I think it is a great place to start if you are pondering new ideas, and would like to work through them. 

Myself, I'm a "Binderizer " lol, I set up a new binder for each idea, with sections for thoughts, resources, plans & more. 

AND, I always run through the same process with each & every idea.

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