Practical Product Magic

Practical Product Magic

I am thinking a lot about the practical magic that helped me in creating the products that I produced over the years and wanted to share some of my insights with you.

And I've been thinking about many of the prevalent thoughts that have been occupying people's minds like Law of Attraction, Holographic Universes, clearing old stories and time spent in Prayer.

I have my own personal practices which include time in prayer, gratitudes, meditation, morning pages and future memories. I dearly hope you have your own practices, as the world can be a crazy place and finding a way to be spiritually guided, grounded and intentional will help you make all the right decisions along the way.

It reminds me of when I was an elite athlete and our coach insisted we practice envisioning landing that double axel perfectly. If we could envision it, we could do it.

How do we tie it all together?

We need to make sure all of us is connected and on board ~ Body, Mind & Spirit 

How do we take care of our Body?
Make sure that it feels safe, that there is a roof over its head, food on the table, does it trust us to take care of it and love it? Otherwise, the Body will block us from going forward. One of the reasons I do Morning Pages is because it clears all the stuff & nonsense out of my over-active brain that gets all bent out of shape and worried that Oh! it's not going to happen, time to worry about this, about that... If we don't take care of clearing any old stories ( like I always fail or unfounded fears, these may be fears from our ancestors, who had strategies for survival that no longer apply to ourselves. )  That means we may need to re-organize ourselves, keep our day jobs, while we figure out how to give birth to our dreams.

How do we connect with Spirit? 

Creation is Divine Inspiration and connecting with Spirit, being grounded and in that place of knowing gives us all the right actions to be discerning, intentional and creative. It is that divine spark that inspires us to create our ideas. Whatever your practices are, go and be at one with your source of inspiration. 

And what is the role of the Mind?
We often are told that our egos can get in the way, but truly the Mind's responsibility is to take action.
When they talked about creating Heaven on Earth, they were talking about our ability to create in His image. 

This is where I believe the Practical Magic happens. 
  • Connect with Spirit and be guided.
  • Make sure Body is on board and taken care of so there will be no blocks.
  • Take inspired action with the Mind 

And as Babaji said in the book, Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, by doing, by doing, it is done.

The Body, The Mind & The Spirit need to collaborate together to help you achieve everything in life, and more than ever, in bringing your product ideas to life.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this and welcome your comments as I do feel it crucial for all of us who have these fabulous ideas to find a way that works to help us create.

Many blessings,


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