Talking AI Tools

I know, EVERYONE is talking AI tools right now & debating the merits & potential meritlessness of AI. 


I've created an account in ChatGPT & played with it ( yup, I asked it what I did, lol ).
I also used it to help me format a profile (I gave it the info I was looking to fill in ) and then rewrote it around the formatting suggestions it gave me to personalize it as well & touch on all the pertinent points.


It saved me time & I appreciated it!


I've watched some fun FB Lives where I learned about how we can "prime " ChatGPT to help us create what we want, help us develop our customer avatars ( that was SUPER FUN ) and learn ( a little more ) about how AI can work for us.


I've felt some resistance, honestly, as I am all about authenticity, loving our human imperfections & most certainly not wanting to live in a world of Stepford Wives ( for me, that is the horror movie of my lifetime! ) 


I've also watched friends like James Bloomfield, the CEO of Moda Match, develop innovatively ( read fabulously useful, inexpensive & timely solutions ) that quickly benefit entrepreneurs like yourself looking for solutions to help you grow your business efficiently. 


Jame's team offers two areas of superb expertise:


1. AI Digital Photography ~ 

Send them a 360 10 sec video of your apparel item & they'll send you back an incredible photo-realistic image that is AI generated, royalty-free in perpetuity & can be easily tailored to your vision of diversity and location inexpensively. ( hey, does $10-20-30 work for you instead of having to FedeEx your expensive sample garments, choose expensive models *hoping that they deliver, pay the photographer AND wait for the photos to be retouched at about $80-100 PER IMAGE ?? I've often spent 5K plus per photoshoot, and I know you know it, too!! Yes, it is fun, but with the vast amount of content that we need today, we do need to reduce costs AND still make sure that what we put out represents our brands well )  


2. Virtual Fitting Rooms 

To reduce online shopping return rates, James's team created these super cool virtual fitting rooms so that the customers could choose a similar body for size & fit, go into the virtual fitting room & have FUN trying on outfits and see what they looked like before purchasing. These virtual fitting rooms also increased the overall AOV ( Average Order Value ), AND it reduced return rates ( yeah, James! ) 


As we traverse this AI journey, let's all keep in mind choosing AI tools that work for us and help us do what we need to do quickly. Less expensively, authentically & in alignment with our brands.


Our entrepreneurial journey is about stopping along the way to find tools that work for us, so please take a look-see at what James Bloomfield's Moda Match has to offer. I'm astonished at what they deliver, quickly & inexpensively, to support the look & feel of your brand. 


Concept to Reality and everything in between :)



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