The EDC, Supply Chain Management & YOUR Business

Hey Creatives, Business Moguls & Like-Minded Peeps,

As a crazy product maker, rabble-rouser & really-good-biz-buddy, I have been watching the horizon of the upcoming changes we can expect in the world in these weirdly unusual times. 

As one of StartUp Canada's Expert Advisors, I attended the recent EDC's Webinar discussing supply chain management in the business climate that is today.

May I remind you that a balanced portfolio of Factories is your FIRST line of defence. We often need to make sure that Factory A) who makes 500 pcs per week + Factory B) who makes 1000 pcs per week + Factory C) who makes 5000 pcs per week, and that have costed & made YOUR samples.

I know it sounds boring ( I can hear you saying " Oh, WHY do I have to have extra factories 🤷🏻‍♀️??" ) 

Well, THIS is why...We are living in weird times and we need our foundation to be as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar. Balanced, solid in a way that can stand the test of time. 

Understanding diversification, longer timelines, recovery periods & more. Looking at resources such as Chambers of Commerce, grants, governmental support, risk management.

Your ideas are precious & delightful and they deserve the in-depth look under the hood to make sure that the foundations are solid.

Ideas are EXCITING, and sometimes implementation is BORING. 

If you LOVE your ideas enough, you will tackle the boring bits to make sure that they survive, thrive & live on in a way that makes your heart burst with pride at the legacy that you have created.

It IS possible to navigate troubled times, and if you keep your eye on the horizon of where you want to go, plan HOW you are going to get there, even if you have to make adjustments along the way, you will arrive in all your glory.

Chin Up oh, Creative Ones, YOU can do it!!

AKA The Fairy Godmum of Products 

Take a look at what Export Development Canada has to say about the current state of affairs.

I'm very excited that I have been invited to join StartUp Canada as one of their expert advisors in their ongoing #StartUpChats on Twitter each week.  
Tune in Wednesdays & Fridays at noon EST.

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