The Holidays are near & your ideas are dear


Did you shelve your ideas for the season?
Just like the Elf of the Shelf, did you leave it sitting there for the season? 

Aww, poor Lil guy, all by himself.

I was just thinking about my skating coach & mentor, Brian Power ( he was brilliant! ) He always told me, that what we are today, we did yesterday; and that what we are tomorrow, we did today.

And that for me is all about taking action, even small steps, to move the needle forward, to move past inertia. Big steps, small steps, medium size steps, they all are valuable. 

Last month, I was invited to bid on an important Federal project that was not, in my way of thinking, in my realm of genius. But Holy Moly, was I excited to be invited! 

Zo!! I thought, ok, I'll just call them to say thank you & introduce myself ( and my zone of genius, lol ) Lo & behold, I not only had the chance to introduce myself but I was requested to send in my information ( of my zone of genius ) PLUS I learned HOW I could bid on this one. ( insert Angels Singing ) 

Fast forward to today, I have identified the right teammates, put together a comprehensive bid & guess what? Not only do I know how to work out these new formats, I think I am TOTALLY in the running.

I wrote a few months ago about missed opportunities, and I truly believe that ACTION is the answer to creating opportunities, getting out there, and staying in the game. 

I'll be starting the next set of applications to set my company up for being able to play in the multimillion-dollar services area for the Government.

I'm ready. 

Are you?

All you have to do is say YES to your ideas, your passions and follow your hearts.

Life is waiting for you & your fabulous ideas!

I'm here to listen to all your ideas, to help you sort through what's feasible or not, help you re-organize your time so there is room for all of you, your life & creative ideas.

Want to hop on a call? Let's do it! 


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