Tiger Mom or Elephant Mom?

Tiger Mom or Elephant Mom?

A couple of things happened this week that made me realize that I am a weird combination of Tiger Mom & Elephant Mom ~

In my efforts to enable you to move your projects forward, to cajole, encourage & inspire you to keep going ~

This week I've seen projects move forward by leaps & bounds, things getting finalized, deliveries being sorted, websites being set up, logos & brand packages coming out gorgeously.

Because YOU showed up ~

THIS is where the magic happens and the good old sticktuitiveness, the determination, the grit, even in the moments of exhaustion make it ALL worth it...

And ALL the doubt, the worry & the inner gremlins fall away ~

I'm damn proud of you, I feel my heart swelling with pride and feeling a wee bit teary, as I see you succeeding.

I'm BOTH an unapologetic Tiger Mom & an Elephant Mom,

Bravo & Brava to all of you, your inspired ideas & incredible fortitude,

I am blessed, proud and deeply grateful,

AKA Your Fairy GodMum of Product

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