Turning Your Ideas into Reality

Have you ever had an idea...
That you thought was a perfect solution and that you had not been able to buy? 

Idea-meister, was this an idea that you thought about making?

And then a few months or a few years later, found almost the exact same thing, designed, produced and on the shelves selling like hotcakes? Seeing the maker being interviewed on TV, featured in magazines, seeing it worn by celebrities or simply seeing it in action in the neighbourhood?

That has happened to me, too  & that's when I am super annoyed that I did not hop on it, get the idea off the ground & developed. What's kept me back sometimes are worries about time, money, focus & also sometimes, I sometimes have ideas about products that I have NO IDEA HOW TO MAKE.

I have developed MOST of my ideas, from my first couture collections in the early '80s ( hey, I was a competitive figure skater before that, so what did I KNOW about designing, producing & selling my own fashion line? ) I've been mentored & guided and with my own chutzpah, I did it anyway. And I succeeded more times than I failed. 

Yes, I can turn your ideas into reality, I've gone through the process time & again with different product categories, with so many different requirements.

It's my kind of FUN!!

I recall being ridiculed by my buyers in London, because I had the audacity to suggest that it was time to bring leggings back, lol. 

But I pushed back & added them in my own way to my Cydney Mar Fashion Collections ( in 2001 )  I ended up selling them in ALL my collections for over 10 years running, sold versions to Walmart, Reitmans, Winners and many, many other stores. The rest is history and today, you are probably sitting in a pair of leggings right now, reading this email. ( Gotcha! )

What has come up for you, that's been holding you back?

What is keeping you from developing your ideas... Is it time, money, worries about ridicule or simply not knowing where to start?

Let's chat about your ideas and turn your dreams into a reality.

AKA Your Fairy God Mum of Products

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