What commitments are you making to yourself?

Yom Kippur was just a few days ago & I usually take the time to reflect on Yom Kippur as it is the day that the good Dr. Deckelbaum stayed after sundown to operate & save my life.

I was 5 days in the emergency, as they were trying to figure out how a seemingly perfectly healthy 54-year old woman was dying before their eyes.

I was in and out of consciousness, delirious and only brought back enough to lucidly sign the waivers in case I died on the operating table. As I looked at the Dr, I asked him a favour, I said "Dr. if I survive, please promise me that you won't cut me up like a pumpkin as this tummy is bikini ready ".
( Yes, my vanity also woke up, lol )

As the OR doors swung open, I made a silent promise to God that if I survived, I'd do whatever God wanted me to do.

This was nine years ago, and the struggle back to radiant health was long, but I survived. It's taken years to unwind some things, to listen to my spirit & to be guided from above. 

These are my daily "conversations" with Spirit, I ask to be guided, to help prioritize, to do the things that will actually make a difference, and I make every effort to be guided and to surrender to the process.

A life of creation, of commerce, of connection, keeps me going, I focus on doing things that matter most. I set aside that niggly piggly voice in my head & stay connected to Source for the best direction.

I think this is why, even though I take exceptional care of myself ( good sleep, hobbies, great food, exercise & brain space! hanging out with my loved pets, friends & family ) I am able to accomplish so much.

And just in this past week alone, I was reminded that the time is now, I have a friend whose father is in his transition, a dear friend who lost her sibling, another friend whose son was brutally attacked last night, another friend who is just finishing chemo. 

The time is now, dear hearts, to do what you came here for, perhaps not all at once, but in a way that allows you to live the life you were meant to live here on Earth. 

We all come with gifts in the form of ideas, talents & inspirations and it is my deep belief that we are to make every effort to develop those gifts before we go see Saint Peter at the pearly gates. 

My commitment is to be able to say to Saint Peter, hey! I did it, I kept my promises, I'm good. If I have any fears, it is to think that I might arrive at the Pearly Gates & have to say, darn, I failed to keep my promises...I am committed to leaving my legacy.

What commitments are you making to yourself?
Those are the ones that are the most important to keep.

Many Blessings oh creative ones, you are divine,

Psst And the peanut gallery of Princess Shilo, Chuk Mar & Lady Henrietta

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