What I am today, I did yesterday ~

Hey …

Are you feeling the same way I am?

I’m super pooped tonight, it is Friyay!

And I haven’t much yay left in me… what a week!!

I’m being easy on myself tonight, I walked Jack, Mr. Intrepid, always up for an evening adventure to go check his P-mail, leave his, and to use up as many of his poop bags as possible.

We did our tour of duty then I walked over to grab some Thai Express Pad Thai Chicken,  some cold white wine and jalapeños tortilla chips. No cooking for me tonight.

My Friday night?…comfort food at its best.

I’m off to paddle around in a bubble bath, to wash away the cares of the day.

And I’m thinking about what Brian Power, my skating coach & mentor used to say to me ~


What you are today, you did yesterday.


And that always made me choose what I did carefully each day, as I knew tomorrow would come, and I wanted to be proud of it.

What are you proud of today? Let’s celebrate you!


So much love & inspiration to you ~



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