What to do if your schedule gets side swiped?

Today started off great, I had a wonderful night's sleep, a beautiful walk in the neighborhood with Jack, the sunshine beaming down from bright blue skies, a fresh mani-pedi, and my orange peep toe patent pumps calling my name.

Whatever in the world could possibly go wrong?

Beep! Beep! Beep!! Red Code Alert!!

I really wish there were alarms that literally went off to alert me to potential " potholes". I know I'd have a heart-attack but it could save me some grief, disappointment, and delays.

What am I talking about, might you ask?

You know those sneaky little things that happen, your mobile rings " oh, Cydney could I run something by you? " and 5 minutes becomes an hour and then 2 hours. 😳

And then you say, ok, I'll go get a bite to eat, and sit down and do those things I promised myself.

Mobile rings again " I really need your opinion, do you think it should be just the prints of the solids too? " and then another 2 hours is gone...

And then it's after supper and the phone rings again, "Hi how are you,  oh and can you help me with x? "

And the good girl in me who wants to help everyone is all cranky pants, because ALL the things that were scheduled for TODAY, are now being diarized for tomorrow.


Whats the remedy, the thinking ahead, the recognition of a Red Code Alertsituation?

Hello Hello, we have a SITUATION over in district A

It's as simple as setting those schedules with super healthy boundaries choosing to keep my promises to myself, my clients & my commitments, ultimately.

I think its a what my parents would call " par for the course " in the life of an entrepreneur...When we set our own schedules, we can have boundary failures much more easily.

And who gets shortchanged when we do?

Us. Point Final.

Tonight, I'm diarizing ALL those things over into tomorrow, and since I got sideswiped ( or shall we say, I allowed myself to be sideswiped ) three times in a row, within 24 hours, I'll go to bed less "stupide" tonight as they say en francais.

My schedule along with the promises I made to myself are the keys to moving the needle forward towards the goals I want to accomplish.

I'm over being cranky, everything is re-organized for tomorrow ~

And as Scarlet O-Hara famously said " After all, tomorrow is another day !! " 

Good night loved Idea-Meisters, 

Tomorrow is another day :) 



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