What's YOUR Super Power??

I had the MOST illuminating conversation with my dearest colleagues in my FAVE Leadership Team Meeting ~ We were talking about ideas to discuss & share with our community ( over 4000 like-minded peeps )

And we talked about our Super Powers.

The question that came up was, HOW do you know your Super Powers? 

And the answer came easily... it is hidden inside ALL the things that your dear friends come to you for advice...

In my case, it was " Cydney, I am feeling tired, what vitamins would you recommend? " or " I'm thinking about XYZ & I wondered what you thought about THAT ", or Gee, Cyd, if you were to XYZ, what would YOU do? 

So when we are all pondering our IDEAS, what are the questions that our friends & colleagues are asking us often & consistently? THESE are the questions that lead us to our own superpowers.

Sit with this, dear Idea-Meisters, as the answer is often right in front of us... 


Many Blessings dear hearts, 


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