Why an ACTION PLAN is Crucial

" If it isn't scheduled, it isn't real ".

To quote magical Marie Forleo, the founder of B-School of which I am 2012 Alumni, " If it isn't scheduled, it isn't real ".

I've been having SO many conversations with clients lately,
who are falling into the vortex of overwhelm, that I wanted to unpack it for you here with some fun actionable tips.

The reason why The Action Plan I offer is so darn popular is that it gets everything out of one's head, stops the incessant hamster wheel and gets it all on paper.

Once we can identify all the " stuff ", we can sort it into Do, Don't Do and Maybe Do. 

And then we set it onto a timeline with all the Tasks & Actions in perfect sequence.


And then what?? 

Then, my darlings, you do have to block off time to get it done, an hour here, 3 hours there, this day for review, reading, research etc ~

You need to take all those To-Do's and Give-Them-A-Home 

Every week, you'll move the needle forward, you'll diarize things forward if need be and you'll look at hitting all your MUST BY DATES. 

Honestly, it is the ONLY way to bring your dreams to life.

Otherwise, it is just all sweet, wishful thinking.

It's the last 10 weeks of this decade, and I'm doing my own ACTION PLAN to complete what I promised myself in 2019.

What ACTION Steps are YOU going to take to move the needle forward so you are ready to welcome in 2020??

I'd love to hear what's on your LIST

Mine is courses, website upgrades, setting up a new selling platform for PRODUCTS, which as soon as I have verified if it works as well as promised, I will be offering it to you ~

Conversion rates are hitting 20-40%, unheard of, right?? 

Happy Friday night, 


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