Why Inspired Action Matters 

Inspired Action is where the Magic happens.

I've been looking back over the past year and watching many of you forge ahead with your product ideas.

Some popped in for hourly consultations, some popped in for The Action Plan and some of you dove straight into the 3-6 month programs and went on to rinse & repeat with me.

I've seen samples being made, costed & done & re-done, websites getting built, opt-ins being created, TV Shopping Channels being pitched, factories being vetted, goodies being made for The Grammy's, articles being written up and branding packages being developed. Launches being planned in Tuscany. Kickstarters being planned. Sustainable businesses being created, built and planned out for scalability.

It has been SO interesting to see so many of you move the needle forward and to see " what's making the difference ".

And it has become apparent that the magic happens when I see consistent efforts made each & every week in what I call Inspired Actions.

It does remind me of my skating years
~ we rose at 4:30 am, quietly got up, having packed our skates the night before, to have a warm breakfast that our mothers made before a carpool parent arrived to take us to the rink.

We did not say, I don't feel like it today, we just got up and went. We skated, we took lessons, we practiced. Daily.

And incrementally, the new choreographies were mastered, expressed and trialed. Figures were mastered. Triples were landed clean and Ina Bauers were simply entrances into another magnificent element.

When we got to the competitions, it was like what we did daily, only in our competitive outfits ( which we practiced in as well! ) and perhaps a new rink.

And magic happened.

And it is the momentum of action that makes all the difference. 

What Inspired Actions are you taking today?

It's all so exciting to watch over you to bring your dreams to life,
I feel SO proud, inspired and blessed,

So much love & appreciation for your guts, your inspiration & your courage to keep showing up.

Many blessings,


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