Why the Boring Foundational parts of your Business are Essential 


Yes, my darlings we have to talk about BORING things, like product liability insurances, waivers & disclaimers ~

I know, I know, its waaaaaaay more fun to create, think of the BIG picture and to imagine your fashions on the catwalk, the thousands of people you will heal, the incredible Magazine coverage you will garner... SO MUCH MORE FUN!!

Book a Product Check Up Now ~

It's my job to peek over your shoulder, to consider the 10,000 ft view, to see what are the repercussions, the ways your product will be received loved and of course, keep you not only profitable but safe.

When I presented at QVC, one cardinal rule we learned was " you gotta tell them what it is, and you gotta tell them what it isn't ".


You want to set up realistic expectations so that when they receive your GORGEOUS WELL DESIGNED product, they fall in love with it ALL over again, AND that it is EVERYTHING they expected.

This = Client Happiness.

The flip side of this is to ensure that your customer journey doesn't end up in court... and that means making sure that you have thought through ~

  • safety seals 
  • licenses
  • waivers ( your retreat in Bali needs waivers, yup, even if I invite you to my exercise club, you gotta sign a waiver )
  • product liability insurance 
  • Benefits include you get to include enjoying your creations knowing that the ingestible thing you created ( for instance `chocolate, vitamin or CBD products ) won't kill or harm your precious clients.
  • Benefits include peace of mind
  • Benefits include a beautiful product based company that you can grow like crazy that your potential investors will fall in love with INCLUDING knowing that you are one smart cookie!! AND that' why they chose to invest in you!!

So, yup... if you sorta forgot to think about these things, you & I need to chat, ok?

So much & fun ( and product liability love ) to you, your precious ideas and more...


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