Yom Kippur is my 6th Anniversary of Life

It is Yom Kippur ~

The Holiest Day of the Judaic Calendar.

It is also my 6th Anniversary of Life.

In the Jewish Tradition, at the end of Yom Kippur, one hopes that they have been forgiven by God.

Six years ago, I was fighting for my life, incarcerated at Montreal General Hospital ~ five days into my admission into Emergency with " acute abdominal pains " 

On Yom Kippur, in my ill stupor, I could hear the doctor yelling at the top of her lungs in the Emergency " If we don't operate tonight she will DIE!!!!!!! "

The good Dr. Dan Deckelbaum stayed past Sundown to save my life.

I recall being awoken to " sign " the waiver papers in case I died, and I guess they did a good job of waking me from my ill stupor... I signed the papers and looked up to this face with bright blue eyes, thinking...

...Thinking I am looking into the face of God / Jesus ~ 

And I said " Dr. if I survive, please do me a favor, this tummy is bikini ready, so please don't cut me up like a pumpkin!! " 

I saw the OR doors open and I passed out ...

And bless him, he respected my dying words and did not cut me up like a pumpkin, he made three tiny incisions, so I awoke, alive and terribly weak with 3 bandaids on my wee tummy.

I remember going into OR and saying to God " if I survive, please tell me what you want me to do, and I will do your bidding"

Two months later I was finally released from Montreal General out to the world to heal myself, to return to the world... I was 90 pounds, delicate beyond, and determined as can be to make good for my promises.

Today is a day of renewal of my vows to show up, to be there, to do God's bidding ...

On this Holiest of Days, I recommit to you all that I promised God ~  

Sending you all so much love & healing 


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