Your gifts & who do you serve?

Your gifts & who do you serve? 


Hey, Idea-Meister's!

It is the Memorial Weekend in the USA kicking off the Summer, reminding us all to take a moment to mourn those in the military who have given their lives to protect us.

It gives us pause to reflect upon one's legacy, the meaning and purpose of our lives.

I believe we are all born with gifts and that our purpose is to develop them, whatever they may be.

I've been blessed to create products, ship them worldwide & have them loved. People actually sought out my products, bought them & loved them, yeah! 

At QVC, we were always reminded that we have to tell our customers who it is for, what it is AND what it is not or what it doesn't do... this was a terrific reminder that whenever we are creating products, we have to ask ourselves those questions:

  • Who is it for?
  • What is it? 
  • What is it not or what doesn't it do? 

These are great questions to ask to make sure you are making the right product AND selling it to the right customer. And that when they order it & get it home that their expectations are met = happy customers!

Now that I am in my legacy years, I feel it is my purpose to help all everyone develop their ideas. I want to make sure that I don't show up at the Pearly Gates & have to say to St Peter " Oops, I didn't do what I came to earth to do ". That's why I do what I do :) 

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend,


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