The A la Carte Services ~ Menu ~ - Cydney Mar
The A la Carte Services ~ Menu ~ - Cydney Mar
The A la Carte Services ~ Menu ~ - Cydney Mar
The A la Carte Services ~ Menu ~ - Cydney Mar

The A la Carte Services ~ Menu ~

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A la Carte Services ~
Some clients want me to handle the sampling in its entirety.
For budgeting purposes, I suggest using $1000 per style as a rule of thumb.
Everyone has different types of products to make but this seems to work across the board for planning purposes.
The A la Carte Services are all cost plus, so if I spend $500 raw cost, I charge $1000 to keep it simple.
If you only need some of my resources, I charge as we go along on a monthly basis. We can plan together what you will want to make each month. For instance, if you need me to work with my graphists to work out the designs that can actually be made, and spec it for the factory, then we charge for that.
If the client wants to develop 6 styles in fashion, then they pay 6K and I work the budget so I am not out of pocket and I adjust at the end of the month.
All shipments are the client expense.
Here is a List of various services available in the A La Carte Menu if you need these separately~
  • Graphics / Logos / Colour Stories & Specs 
  • Website design ( Shopify ) 
  • Merchandising ( balancing the offering ) 
  • Costs, planning for raw costs, agents, distributors, retail $ so margins are booked in right and scalability planned in 
  • Marketing & planning for launches ( helping organize Facebook pages and connecting everything ) 
  • For Fashion ~ I offer pattern making, sewing samples, fabric sourcing, grading & markers ( sizes ) printing
  • For Jewellery ~ we make prototypes, work on molds & finishes
  • Logistics ~ I help plan for Pick & Packs, labeling, government regulations, shipping to customers, etc 

To use these services, together we define what is being made and agree to the approximate costs. A deposit secures your services and once services are rendered, an adjustment is made at the end of the month. The nature of samples is somewhat unpredictable, but as a design professional, I do my best to advise and guide you to make the best choices. 

I have a wide range of resources that are too many to list out in its entirety, but as one of my good friends has said about me, I am my Mother's daughter, and she happened to be the MOST resourceful woman I know. 


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